What paperwork do I need to import a car to the UK?

For an import declaration

  • C88/E2 customs documents (unless you’re travelling via the Channel Tunnel or ferry)
  • Invoice or bill of sale for the vehicle. 
    • The seller of the vehicle will need to produce an invoice if required for importing a vehicle. Car & Classic are happy to also provide a bill of sale if needed, or provide a template for an invoice. Alternatively, you can draft your own here https://eforms.com/bill-of-sale/vehicle/
  • An official document which confirms the VIN or chassis number of the vehicle

For vehicle approval

  • European Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer (if it’s registered in the EU)
  • Certificate of GB conversion Individual Vehicle Approval (if it’s left-hand drive or registered outside the EU)
  • Certificate of Mutual Recognition (if it’s less than ten years old)

For registering and taxing

  • Your vehicle approval certificate
  • A document showing the date the vehicle was collected
  • The original foreign registration certificate to show when the vehicle was manufactured